Fred’s Rub is a mix of seasonings concocted by my husband, Pat’s father Fred.  Fred was quite the griller even back in the 50’s.  I guess that is where Pat gets it from . . . it’s the grilling genes . . . not to be confused with pant that you wear when you are grilling . . . grilling jeans!

Anyway, we use Fred’s Rub on a wide variety of foods.  As I mentioned, it is a great seasoning for meats on the grill; steaks, burgers, pork chops, chicken . . . virtually everything except fish, sausage or brautworst.  For your meats on the grill I suggest that you use Fred’s Rub with a pretty heavy hand . . . don’t just sprinkle it on, get a pretty good covering of it on the meat.

We also us Fred’s Rub on potatoes, roasted veggies.  Whether you roast your veggies in the oven or on the grill, it’s great!  However, you will want to use Fred’s Rub sparingly on the veggies so they don’t become too salty.

*Fred’s Rub

 Fred’s Rub was created by Pat’s dad; Fred Larkin who, perfected the art of steak grilling on his “Hastybake” charcoal grill.  At one such time, over a half a century ago Fred was paid a visit by the Grilling Gods!  They took him into their landing craft and while rocketing through the galaxies, performed horrible experiments on Fred.  Being the powerful and courageous man that he was, he fought them all off and commandeered their ship, flying it back to planet earth.  Though he was free in body, he was still theirs in his mind . . . all he could think of was seasoned salt, garlic salt and pepper . . . seasoned salt, garlic salt and pepper . . . seasoned salt, garlic salt and pepper .  Then it came to him; he was supposed to put the concoction on his steaks and then grill them . . . FRED’S RUB WAS BORN!!!  Fred’s Rub is  only available through the Lark Inn and is about a zillion dollars a bottle.  But, if you want to make it, here is the top secret recipe:

1-1/2 Parts Seasoned Salt

1 Part Garlic Powder

¼ Teaspoon Fresh Cracked Pepper for each ½ cup of rub

Please remember; if you divulge this top secret recipe . . . the Grilling god’s may pay YOU a visit!!!


This is a story my husband Pat included in our recipe book: “Wedding Week at The Lark Inn”  I hope you enjoyed it.  Actually. the Fred’s Rub really is awesome and we use it in a lot of our food preparation.

Tomorrow, we will be talking about our “Smashed Potatoes”.  This are a very unique way to prepare potatoes, it lends itself to being savory, your guests (or family) will love them and, they are a great way to control your calory intake.  See you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!  If you are interested in more information about our cooking classes or the Lark Inn Guesthouses, please visit our website.



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